Light for the Lost Boy (2012)

Counting Stars (2010)

“I can say without a doubt, Counting Stars is one of the best albums of 2010, and again proves that Peterson is one of the best Christian songwriters of our generation.”—Under the Radar

“Counting Stars is the kind of album that you want to have playing while having coffee with friends on a Saturday morning. It’s the kind of album that you want to have on for your children as they drift off to sleep at night. Whether you are in the car, on a plane, or a train, or none of the above, this is the type of album that makes the roads travelled in life, seem worthwhile.”—

“[Counting Stars] celebrates God, family and friends, yet it also addresses the battle between hope and despair.”—Charisma Magazine

“Peterson and his fellow folk troubadours remain unafraid of the nitty gritty of communion with God and man. And what others hear as dirges of human despair, Peterson’s imagination transforms into fantastical carols of hope.”—CCM Magazine

Resurrection Letters: Volume II (2008)

Russ Bremeier at Christianity Today:

“One track he’s an evocative poet, the next a storyteller, and before long he’s singing praise to the Lord—all within the same album. Though he resides in the same folk-pop vein throughout, he varies his scope from song to song (like Mullins) and thus more fully articulates Christian living than most of today’s faith-based artists.”

Laura Nunnery at Jesus Freak Hideout had this to say:

“If every artist received the amount of recognition he deserved based on talent, Andrew Peterson would have shelves filled with awards. Unfortunately, the industry does not work that way. Although Peterson continues to remain under appreciated, he is never miserly when it comes to producing quality albums that are honest, poignant, and relatable. Resurrection Letters Volume II is another page in a moving story that is Andrew Peterson’s musical catalogue.”

Appendix C (2008)

Two of the songs were recorded live on the Behold tour last year, and feature the full band, along with Bebo and Jill Phillips on BGVs. Five of them were recorded in the Night Owl’s Nest (Gullahorn’s studio). Ben, Andy G., and I set up a few mics and pressed record. If you ever wondered what the three of us sounded like in concert, this will give you a good idea, minus the side-splitting humor and savage good-looks. They’re the tracks from the limited edition RL 2.5 CD that we sold out of on the release tour in October.

Slugs & Bugs & Lullabies (2006)

Slugs and Bugs and Lullabies will captivate your little ones with delightful melodies and bombastic charm, and then quiet them down into dreams with tender lullabies. With 18 original compositions, Randall and Andrew have changed the landscape for kids’ music.

Listen for “You Can Always Come Home” on the newest VeggieTales DVD The Wizard of Ha’s.

“Parents won’t want to stick a fork in their eye when they’ve heard it for the 10th time in a row.”—Randall Goodgame

“It’s the first time I’ve been glad that my music can put people to sleep.”—Andrew Peterson

The Far Country (2005)

From Christianity Today:

“A songwriter’s songwriter of the same caliber as Rich Mullins and Sara Groves, and one deserving of more recognition for his strong sense of melody and lyrical insight. Andrew Peterson has long relied on Scripture and personal anecdotes to color his storytelling, but this time he refines his wordplay further by drawing on his love of fantasy and literature, resulting in songs of increased depth, yet still very approachable.

Though the album is seemingly preoccupied with death, it is actually a joyful affirmation of life and the journey to our true home in heaven. That’s a message all can appreciate: old and young, healthy and infirmed. Bolstered by top-notch musicianship, The Far Country ranks with the artist’s bestan engaging folk pop album much richer than the average coffee house offering.”

Behold the Lamb of God (2004)

The True Tall Tale of the Coming of Christ

Dallas Morning News reviews Behold the Lamb of God:

“If you buy only one Christmas CD this year let it be this one. No doubt, Mr. Peterson is one of the finest singer/songwriters in Christian music. On “Behold” he is joined by some of the other best of the best, including Fernando Ortega, Derek Webb, Jill Phillips and Sandra McCracken. The result is an organic album that relies on strength of writing faithful to Scripture, expert musicianship on everything from piano to hammered dulcimer and vocals that are pure and honest. What you will hear is a new classic in the making.”

Love and Thunder (2003)

A Review from Christianity Today:

“Love & Thunder . . . is drenched in authentic folk pop that is more acoustic, intimate, and mellow than either of Andrew’s previous major releases. Bebo Norman, whose career developed concurrently with Andrew’s, has successfully gravitated his folk sound to pop sensibilities. Andrew, in contrast, is increasingly leaning towards a more subtle folk adult contemporary sound that lies somewhere between Fernando Ortega, Chris Rice, and Rich Mullins. Which brings up an inescapable point for me when talking about Andrew’s songwriting: his lyrical insight truly does echo that of the late great Rich Mullins. With a penchant for simply stated examples and illustrations to express profound ideas, the folksy songwriting on Love & Thunder reflects astonishing beauty and vulnerability not heard often enough in Christian music.”

Clear to Venus (2001)

“Normally, I don’t like to compare an artist too much to another legend, but I feel it’s deserved and unavoidable in Andrew’s case. I don’t think it’s fair to say Andrew’s trying to sound like Rich Mullins, but he’s clearly been influenced by the man’s work. As for reviewing Andrew on his own merit, Clear to Venus is as good a sophomore album as any songwriter can hope for. It’s similar enough to his first album to please those who are already fans, but his songwriting has grown enough to earn the attention of new listeners. Andrew Peterson’s personable and clever songwriting is truly something special and rare in Christian music, and he’s sure to be a favorite for years to come.”—Russ Bremeier, Christian Music Today

“With his follow-up project, Clear To Venus, Andrew combines earnest vocals, acoustic guitar, folk-influenced instrumentation and textured harmonies to create a sound that is both simple and sweeping. Andrew uses his experiences as an artist, father, husband and self-proclaimed “goof-ball"to encourage listeners in their own faith journeys.”—

Carried Along (2000)

“Calling to mind James Taylor and Rich Mullins, Andrew’s trio carries your spirit with reflective folk/pop. Acoustic guitars and 3-part harmonies lead you gently into stories of faith, family, and hope.”—The Jesus Underground

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