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Andrew Peterson is a man of many talents with a successful recording and songwriting career, as well as being an award-winning author and the host of a highly popular online creative community known as the Rabbit Room. Peterson released his newest album, Light for the Lost Boy in 2012 to rave reviews hailing the project "as best album of the year." His previous project Counting Stars debuted at #1 on iTunes, and #6 on Billboard. Peterson’s current project is his fourth and final book in the Wingfeather Saga series due summer of 2014. 


Andrew Peterson has a fairly simple approach to songwriting: He writes the songs that he himself needs to hear, trusting that there are other people out there who might need them as well. And by the tens of thousands there have been. Peterson’s most loyal fans in fact, tend to be those who find resonance with the “glowing ache” that permeates his body of work. But it’s never been the ache of hopelessness or despair. Instead it’s the ache that comes from deeply loving something that has been lost, and from daring to hope that it will one day be restored. It’s the recognition that any pain we now feel is somehow inseparable from the joy that was intended for us from the creation of the world. And it’s the undying hope that that same pain is also a promise, a forward longing, a deposit of the redemption and restoration of the greater joy that is ye t to come. 

The songs on Peterson’s new Centricity Music release Light for the Lost Boy are deeply rooted in such paradoxes of the human condition, reflecting a grief permeated with light and hope and beauty and love. Andrew, perhaps better than any other songwriter today, recognizes the echoes of Eden and eternity that fill our daily lives for what they are. 

Andrew’s willingness to acknowledge the realities of life without ever loosening his grip on eternal hope has won him loyal and highly relational fans worldwide, as their ongoing involvement in his online forum (www.RabbitRoom.com) demonstrates. His journey as an artist, author (of “The Wingfeather Saga”) and disciple is one that he’s long attempted to make openly and in community, using his songs and stories as an invitation to others walking the same road. Light for the Lost Boy artfully and stirringly documents the last couple years of that journey, and in so doing, should give thousands of new listeners a point of connection with his music.

  • Fun mail day! Releasing 11/11/14.
  • About to watch an A&R guy completely rock. @andrewosenga
  • With my bro, setting up for what I hope will be an incredible weekend. #Hutchmoot #RabbitRoom
  • Just got home to the Warren to find this treasure in the mail. Thank you, @corey818! #RichMullins
  • Sometimes it's good to have an early flight home. My view this morning at @StAnthonyShrine.
  • Also found this super creepy/cool painting of poor Ichabod Crane from the 1850's. Happy October!
  • Abbott Thayer painting. Beautiful. But could he Instagram? I think not.
  • Spent some time at the Smithsonian today, and fell in love with Abbott Thayer's paintings.
  • Name that monument...
  • Good to be home for a few minutes before tonight's show. Also good to have a Moondog.
  • Here's the cover of the new record! Releasing 11/11.
  • Thanks for coming out to @thelocalshowtn tonight! So much fun. (Pic by Josh Petersen.)
  • AAAAAH! That was awesome, @colonyhouseband!
  • If you're up, @colonyhouseband is about to be on the Late Show! (Took this of my tv...)
  • Florida skies are great and all, but this was waiting for me tonight in Tennessee.
  • My favorite thing about Florida: the sky is always up to something.
  • Somewhere in this mess is tonight's set list.
  • Rest in peace, Rich Mullins.
  • Covenant College, Chattanooga. One of the prettiest campuses ever.
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