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What Just Happened?

img_1486And so, 2010 fades into history and 2011 draws its first cold breath.

I’m sitting in a little log cabin on top of the hill at the Warren on an unseasonably warm New Year’s Eve. My amazing neighbors rent a corner of the place to me, and in the afternoons I climb the hill with my satchel, turn on the lamps, and get busy. I plan to spend a lot of time here in the coming months. I’m looking forward to the good, hard work of turning the stories and lyrics and pictures that fill my head like bees in a hive into books and poems and songs. Hopefully they’ll be more like honey than bee stings.

(Speaking of honey, I borrowed my dad’s bee boxes and plan to colonize them this spring. You may soon find for sale in the Rabbit Room little jars of organic honey bundled with the CDs. You may also see me in concert with weird little welts on my face.)

In some ways it’s been one of the best years I can remember, so packed with great memories, big events, bright little moments, long afternoons working the garden, touring with my best friends, watching my kids turn into who they are–and in other ways I can’t really tell the world about it’s been one of the hardest years of my life. I’ve felt blessed beyond measure and then felt kicked in the teeth. I suppose that’s how every year is in some measure, but this time the pendulum swung wider somehow. I thought it would be good to take stock, think long about what I’ve learned, and stride into 2011 with a steady eye on what matters. I just spent about two hours formatting the blog on my main website, so I hope you’ll forgive me just linking to that.

Click here for a quick breakdown of the blessed craziness of 2010, followed by a quick look at what’s in store for 2011.

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It was a great year indeed.  Can’t wait for Hollows, new album, and HUTCHMOOT 2011!

An excellent year of God’s blessings and protections!  You are blessed and a blessing.  May God surround you this year as last with himself.

God bless you, Andrew Peterson. The Zion family is grateful to our Father for you.  Hope to see you again in person sometime this year, and my kids are climbing the walls waiting for Monster in the Hollows.  (No pressure.) ;)

What a great record of God’s working in 2010.  You are a great blessing to us.  The Moravian Motto is - Our Lamb has conquered.  Let us follow Him.  Thanks for being transparent as you follow Our Lamb.  All praise to Jesus!

My husband and I are eagerly anticipating your concert in Green Bay this March.  “Not knowing about Andrew Peterson sooner” has been added to our list of regrets in life.  We are completely enjoying your books.  We only need one or two more of your CDs to complete our collection, and are convinced we’d love to have your family over for breakfast sometime.  :o)

We hope to support you and your calling in every way we can in the coming year.  Thank you for this blog - we are glad to be able to pray specifically for you, your ministry, and family.

We rejoice with you as you ponder the blessings the Lord has poured out on you and your family.  We also pray (with fear and trembling and awe) that God will deal with you according to His Justice, Mercy, and Grace… that He keeps you on His narrow path.

You have been such a blessing to us.  Thank you.

Sounds like a wild year, full of good fruit!  Your concert in central NY was one of the highlights of our year.  I don’t think I’ll ever be able to make apple crisp again without thinking of you and the captains. :)

Your disciplined industriousness is an inspiration to a young guy like me. Thanks for sharing, and I’ll be praying for you all during your busy year ahead.



Wow. I’m exhausted from reading that and can hardly believe that it was all just one year! My life is nothing so adventurous. Perhaps it’s time for a change of pace…

being ware of the toothy cows, of course.

Congrats on a great year!  We appreciate all the things you do for your fans, and especially appreciate your faithfulness to God.  It’s amazing that even in light of all the foolish things we do that He can so powerfully use any and all of His people.

By far my wife and I were most excited to hear about your son and daughter giving their lives to God!  I don’t know that I’ll even be able to speak when (Lord willing) our daughter is baptized.  Praise God that He loves our loved ones better than we ever could!

Congrats Andrew!

Can’t tell you how much of a positive impact your books and music have had on our family! In many ways, it feels like you’re singing our stories, even though I know you’re not.

Thanks for the encouragement and inspiration.

I’m working on my cheesy chowder recipe. Come to the West Coast and try it!

And we’re awaiting The Monster in the Hollows with great anticipation!

Andrew, I’m so glad I discovered you. :) My aunt was in a performance of Behold the Lamb for two consecutive years, and I finally investigated - who in the world wrote those songs? Now I feel like I’ve found a friend. You take Rich Mullins and C.S. Lewis and George MacDonald and lots more good stuff and mix it all together - in a format that even my husband likes. :)  (Plus I finally figured out who it was that was speaking on the radio early one morning about kids named Skye and Aedan - I’m afraid that’s all I remember of it now!) But when are you coming to Seattle? Hey, Rich liked our mountains… I’m sure you will too… Can I help?

Lisa San Martin
Jan 01st, 2011
2:59 PM

Happy New Year, Andrew! Did you get my e-mail? Still hoping you might be able to stop by on the 8th in Nashville when my son and his fiancee start “dancing in the minefields.”

What a year! :) I certainly feel all your hard work was a benefit to me. So thanks for taking it all on.

And, I can’t decide who in that August picture I’m more jealous of. Maybe I’ll be just a little jealous of you all.

Part of my year:  June 2010 - Read my daughter’s book, On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness (I was desperate for something to read and how bad could a story with toothy cows be?).  July 2010 - Loving the first book, I looked online for the second.  Found out Andrew Peterson is ALSO a recording artist!  Proceeded to snatch up CD’s (and got Counting Stars for my birthday).  August 2010 - Saw Andrew and Ben in concert for the first time.  My wife became a fan that day, loving the Nacho Cheese song and “Bears”.  Love what you’re doing and am impressed with you keeping it all in perspective.  Lead your family well!

...and yet another family
blessed by the language of Andrew Peterson,
which we know is a gift
from God.

We love that you aren’t like all the rest.
You allow your unique, creative self
to be seen and boldly shared.
It helps us, as Christ’s followers
to live outside the man made tidy Christian box
in thought, word, & deed.

Off to order Book Two.
With gratefulness from the Lynn Family.

{{* *}}

We are so thankful for you, Andrew Peterson.  My husband and I work hard every day to just keep this house of four little children going and can’t imagine how you can possibly accomplish so much from year to year.  We know it must be our Good God and an amazing wife!

Our family prays and thinks of you every time our children pronounce “firetruck” with a southern drawl.


Wish we would have seen the impromptu under the bridge in Greenville, but we weren’t using twitter at the time. If you ever do it again, we’ll be there. We really enjoyed our 1st BTLOG show in Charlotte. Thank you for being a willing servant of our Lord.

Can’t believe that Port Royal, KY makes it in your list.  I grew up in Henry County and spent many nights there with good friends who are actually related to Mr. Berry.  Small little world. 

The years go by very quickly.  I pray that we can all look back on them in such a reflective, honest, and grateful manner. 

God bless you and your family.

Mr. Peterson is just radiating extreme awesomeness. I can feel it here in Houston Texas when ever i read about him

I’ll have you know that I’m viewing this as a firm commitment to the April 2011 release date of Monster in the Hollows.

Don’t tease me with that “Resurrection Letters, Volume 1” talk if you don’t mean it!  So ready to hear what God gives you for that record.

Dear Mr Peterson, us deprived Vikings can’t really express how grateful and honored we are for being so blessed by your visits to our strange and sometimes weird country!
Yes we have meatballs, yes we have (or at least had) Volvo’s, yes we have IKEA, yes we had Abba, yes we invented the smorgasbord, yes we had some decent tennis players, yes our Police dept’s does fart controls, with or without speed camera’s (which I regretfully experienced my self), yes we do have some flipping good hockey players, yes we have the Nobel price (but no winners), yes we have the better part of Sony Ericson and yes we have a free, fairly decent and quite liberal little place on this planet…but we don’t have Mr Peterson and his Captain’s Courgeous!
At least not more than once in a year…but whooo, are we happy for those rare moments? Yep, we are!! You bet we are!!

So keep on bringing your sweet little butt over here, please!

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