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Don’t You Want to Thank Someone?

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

I’m writing this from Shiloh, my parents’ 150-year-old Florida Cracker house, where we Petersons plan to feast like vikings in celebration of God’s goodness. My favorite song on the new record is called “Don’t You Want to Thank Someone”, as appropriate a Thanksgiving tune as I’ve ever written, so I thought I’d give away a few downloads.

This first is of the acoustic demo (from The Lost Boy Demos, which is only available in the 2 disc deluxe edition). The second is a fairly embarrassing (to me, at least) soundboard bootleg of the song from one of the shows on the fall tour with Ben Shive and CALEB. I hope you like it in spite of my lumpy-throated singing toward the end. That song just got to me every night.

Click here to download the zip file.

I’m grateful for so much, but somewhere near the top of that list is YOU. Thanks for supporting me and mine this year. I leave you with a roundup of Thanksgiving-ish thoughts from some of our favorite writers. If you have more, post away. Oh, and for the last few years I’ve posted a poem called “Thanksgiving: A Confession and a Plea to the Almighty”, which I’ve heard has been read aloud at family gatherings; strange but true. Here’s a link to the old post, should you be interested. Now let the authorly wisdom commence.

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Some people’s song writing just connects with another person’s and for me it is Andrew Peterson. Though we have different back grounds and gifts we seem to be on the same spiritual journey. His new album “Lost Boy” seems to continue the course. Starting off with Rest easy and finishing with “Don’t you want to thank someone”  he seems to be privy to my life and writing about it. I am so thankful that my value to God, my Abba is not dependent on what I do but His faithful love. Thank you Andrew for expressing in words and music what my spirit only groans.

michael Ritchie
Dec 01st, 2012
4:33 AM

I got introduced to Andrew’s songs via a comment in a Matt Redman interview where Matt said that one of his favourite playlists this year was “Andrew Peterson”.

My gosh man, after downloading your “Light for the Lost Boy”, I see that Matt & I both have great taste: It’s become one of my (and my wife’s) favs.

Keep plumbing the depths with your song-writing.

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